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In our online store for packaging and packaging materials, you will find a wide variety of packaging and HoReKa consumables at bargain prices! Over the years, we have built a wide network of suppliers in Bulgaria and abroad and we guarantee fast and quality service!





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EPS tray 101L flat, 300 pcs.


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SKU: 39025

1.05 kg

Coffee 3 in 1 for vending machine Gian Marco, 1kg.


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SKU: 7015

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Luxury Silver Fork, 50 pcs.


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Вакуум плик гофриран 15/30см, 100бр.


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SKU: 11004

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Вакуум плик гофриран 25/35см, 100бр.

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SKU: 11007

1.05 kg

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Cafe and Vending

Total Pak offers a full range of quality coffees, instant drinks and consumables for vending machine owners. Only with us you can find quality vending products at market prices. We also offer a large range of Italian coffee beans and capsules for various professional and home machines.


Coffee beans

Coffee capsules

Ecological packaging

We at Total Pack believe that the future of packaging is the use of environmentally friendly packaging that is also easily recycled.

That's why we constantly try to expand our range of ECO packaging and created the Total Pack ECO series.

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black food packaging

HoReKa black Premium series

For those looking to create a premium feel and look to their brand, we offer a black Premium Series of food boxes and packaging specifically targeted at the HoReCa industry.

Wholesalers and individual orders

For retailers and business owners, we can offer special wholesale pricing on all our packaging materials and supplies.

We can also help you if you need to make branded packaging or packaging with special sizes or purpose.

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